by Search Party

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released January 21, 2016

Written by: Ethan Murphy, David Malone, Ryan Pendleton, Sean McDonnell, Patrick Winning, Donal Stafford.

Produced by: Sean Morales.

Designs and Photography: Stephen Mullan.



all rights reserved


Search Party Belfast, UK

BANG! BOOM! EXPLOSIONS! Have we got your attention? Good. This is the Bandcamp account for Belfast's most explosive rock band, Search Party. Take caution.

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Track Name: Life Is Art
The city is black,
as my pencil crushes.
The rest is a canvas,
and our feet are the brushes.
Let's get away,
away from this mistake.
Think of the chances you an I can Take.

Collecting the paint,
of infinite colors.
Sharing the spectrum,
to make it each others.
Not too long,
until our task is complete.
Illumination everywhere,
every nation, every street.

'Cause I hear the greys, they're telling me to stop.
Dragging us down but we're still on top.
We do this all, we play our part.
We do this 'cause Life Is Art.
Track Name: Contrapuntal Paradox
Am I too late?
Give me the damage, I can compensate.
I should re-iterate,
I'm not the only source of the problem.
I'm just a guy you know.
I'm just a human after all.
Give me a match to light the fire,
to burn a hole in my desire for love.

The beast inside of me,
as far as the eye can see,
is this agony?
Or does this count as pleasure?
Live for the things that you hate,
Or die to know the answers.
Here I am, Contrapuntal Paradox.
Contrapuntal Paradox.

When stereo don't work,
love is in mono and berserk.
I need to channel all the urges,
until my love converges, you know.
I can't fight it,
my sub-conscious is a riot,
my love ain't exponential,
but it's got the potential to be.
Track Name: Coming Alive
They, they are the generation
they are the situation,
and they will never survive.
We, we are the unspoken,
we are the unbroken,
the fixable coming alive.

And We're Coming Alive
Coming Alive, Coming alive.

They, they are the spoken for.
They are the media attention whore.
We, we're not the departed,
we're not the broken hearted,
in fact, we're only getting started.
Track Name: Place To Be
17, with a neutral mind,
probably the only one you'll find,
or see, in this place where no one knows what to be.

They're living in fear,
Not because they're afraid,
but because they're living here,
they're not free, they're in the place where no one knows what to be.

To the people setting the scene,
tell me what it means,
because it means nothing to me.
It seems quite clear to me,
Fuck all people can see,
We are living in the place where no one knows what to be.
Place To Be, Place To Be, Place To Be.

Thinking fast, not fast enough to hear the people roar,
they want more,
they want to know who they're fighting for.